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Flange Protectors for your specific needs

The flange protector will allow your manufactured products to arrive at their destination in the same condition that they left in.

Flange protection will save you the cost and time that will come from rejects and it is a way to have inexpensive insurance for your manufactured products.

We manufacture many types of flange protectors to protect the full face of the flange or the raised face surface.

Click on the links below and see the different types of flange protectors.

Pressboard Flange Protector Pressboard Flange Protector
Made of a tempered hardboard masonite, the Pressboard Flange Protector has been the most economical protector.
Durable yet breathable to let moisture escape from flanges and valves.

Plastic Flange Protector With Flange-Lock Plugs Plastic Flange Protectors
Plastic Flange Protectors are weather and UV resistant to sun and age.
Made from utility grade plastic, these protectors with pre-stamped bolt circles are set to your flange dimensions.

Plywood Flange Protector Plywood Flange Protector Covers
Made from CDX Plywood, these protectors are made for export shipment that require extra protection when shipping overseas.

Metal Flange Protector Metal Flange Protectors
Metal Flange Protectors are a proven winner to cover the end of flanges that are tested and pressurized under extreme conditions.
Made from carbon, stainless, or specialty metals, in all sizes and thickness.

Snap-On Flange Protector Snap-On Molded Plastic Protector
The Snap-On Protector is a easy to install cover with pre-molded plugs ready to fit standard size 150# and 300# Series flanges.

Stick-On Guard (Adhesive Back) Flange Protector Stick-On Guard Flange Protector
This adhesive back cover saves time when masking flanges.
Used in sandblasting and painting, this circular disc can be cut to any dimension.
Comes in plastic, pressboard, and neoprene sponge rubber.

Top-Hat Plastic Flange Protector Top-Hat Flange Protector
The Top-Hat Protector fits in the bore of the flange and covers the raised faced surface of the flange.

Magnet Disc Flange Protector Magnet Guard Flange Protector
The New Magnet Guard has award winning features of just laying the material on the flange and a magnetic hold keeps the disc secured.

Flange Safety Spray Shield Flange Spray Shield
These high-quality spray shields of Teflon® PTFE fabric or stainless steel, fit directly over flanges, valve joints, pipe joints, and unions,
they offer maximum protection from sprays and feature a see-through, over-lap design.
® Reg. U.S. Pat. Office for Du Pont's fluorocarbon resins

Flange Protector Bands and Belts Flange Protector Bands
Protect your bolts and fittings with these high quality Flange Protector Bands.
Constructed of 22 gauge, 304L or 316L Stainless Steel, a closed cell gasket, and grease fittings,
these bands offer long-lasting performance and insulate bolts from rust and salt damage

Flange Insulation Gasket Kit Flange Insulation Gasket Kit
For protection against electrical charges in plant processes,
M&P Insulation Kits are manufactured of high density polyethylene, NEMA grade LE Phenolic, and Mylar.
These come in single washer sets and are available in a full range of sizes.

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