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Plastic Rectangle Tubing Plug                        Rectangle, Square, & Round Plastic Tubing Plugs

Rectangle End Plug Plastic Protectors

These plastic plugs come in many sizes and are available in different gauges for rectangular, square, and round tubing.
We can help you with any plastic shape such as:

● Square Plugs
● Square Caps
● Round Plugs
● Metric Round Caps
● Rectangular Plugs
● Metric Rectangular Caps
● Domed Caps

To determine size:
1.  Measure the
OD (Outer Diameter) of the tube.
2.  Measure the 
ID (Inner Diameter) of the tube.
3.  Determine the gauge (This is measuring how thick the wall is).
4.  Tell if its square, round, rectangle, or oval.
5.  Specify Cap or Plug (Caps fit over the outside of tube, Plugs fit inside the tube).

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