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  Oilfield Thread Protector Pin     Drilling Rig with Pipe    Oilfield Drill Pipe Thread Protectors Open End Pin &  Box   
Oilfield Drill Pipe Thread Protectors
  Before oil-field tubular joints are installed in a well, they are exposed to a variety of harsh conditions during transport, handling and storage.
  The threaded pipe ends, which are usually equipped with premium threads, frequently have to withstand accidental impact loading during shipment from the mill to the well site and, once at the well site, during inspection and cleaning
  In addition, these threaded ends are often exposed to corrosive environments during storage.
  More than regular threaded connections, premium-type connections rely on precision-engineered threads and seals accurately machined within narrow tolerances.
  The actual sealing mechanism is provided through interference of smooth metal surfaces located at the front section of the threaded area.
  Besides being expensive, premium threads are also vulnerable in the sense that any distortion of the critical area might lead to malfunctioning of the seal, and eventually even to string failure, with high production losses as a consequence.
  Therefore, it is of vital importance to protect the tubing all the way to the rig floor; thread protectors are the primary means of achieving this objective.

M&P offers a wide range of Oilfield Drill Pipe Thread Protectors for your equipment. 
Pin and box sets are available.
We will need to know the size and thread type.
Call for quotes or inquiries

Heavy Duty Plastic Thread Protectors
        - Light Weight & Heavy Duty Thread Protectors
        - Press Steel Thread Protectors
        - Cast Steel Thread Protectors with Lifting Bail
        - Composite Thread Protector
        - Poly-Urethane Thread Protectors

EUE Thread Protectors      TUBING EUE
      - EUE Tubing Protectors

      - NUE Tubing Protectors

  Box End Thread Protectors on Pipe Trailer

  - Buttress Protectors
  - LTC & STC Protectors (New & Reconditioned)

Press Steel Thread Protectors 


  - API Regular (Reg)
  - API Full Hole (FH)
  - API Internal Flush (IF)
  - Mayhew
  - API H90
  - API X-Hole (XH)
  - PAC

Pin & Box Pressed Steel Thread Protectors   API TOOL JOINT PRESS STEEL THREAD PROTECTORS
Steel Thread protectors offer excellent protection for your drill pipe threads.
Available in API threads from 2-3/8" to 8-5/8"

Cast Steel with Lifting Bail thread protectors combine excellent thread protection with the means to handle heavy items.
We supply these type of thread protectors in API Tool Joint sizes.

Sucker Rod Cap Protector   SUCKER ROD PROTECTORS
Sucker Rod Caps and Plugs

Plastic Pipe Chock   PIPE CHOCKS
 Plastic Pipe chocks come in 2 different sizes to protect pipe from shifting in transit.

Box End Protectors are for the ends of pipe with threads on the Inside.
Pin End Protectors are for the ends of pipe with threads on the Outside.

Click on the e-mail or call us today at 1-800-888-2605 and let M&P help find your oilfield thread protection needs.

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